Saturday, May 17, 2008

Yarn Crawl

My new yarns. I went to 15 out of 24 stores on the Yarn Oh how much fun. I went by bus on Thurs to 6 of the stores. Then went with Debbie and we hit 9 of them. All but 2 stores were perfectly wonderful. Was after I got home I looked and decided I was in a teal/blue mood.

Too bad this is not a picture of all the finished items.

The little blue ball was a prize I won for guessing how many "one skein" projects the store had on display. That was fun to just see how many things could be made from one little ball of yarn.

Bay Scarf

I kinda designed this little shawl after one of my favorite sock patterns

Look there for Hanauma Bay socks.

It took less than a skein of Noro sock yarn. I wanted to see how the yarn would look and feel in a shawl. I like it.

Paddy Cakes

Socks that I whipped up while teaching a 2 on one sock class. The pink Yarn is "Sprinkles" I enjoyed playing with this.


adrienne said...

it's all so purdy!

and it won't be necessary to send me royalty checks every week; once a month will be fine!

adrienne said...

ps. nice photography there!

BarbaraME said...

Ooooh so fun! You're a brave woman to show your stash...