Monday, February 9, 2009

Time Flys

Wow where did Jan. go? I am happy as the weather is getting warmer. We are seeing Robins around here. I am not sure if they are confused on where they should be or if they had budget cuts and lost their winter homes so had to come back early.

I have been knitting. I did not take pictures of most of what I knitted in Jan. The month went by way to fast. Not sure why but my blog is not doing what I would like it to do. I am sorry things do not match up.

This pair of socks went really fast. They were knitted on size 2. They seemed to fly off the needles. They are the Dec sotm kit from

The top light pink pair I was lucky to test knit.

The pattern is Bejeweled Diamonds designer Knittinpixie.

A fun pattern. I love the way the beads add a touch of class to these.

Both beads and yarn have been in stash for awhile. Close ups of the beaded. The beads are a Lavender but look pink even in person so all is good.

The bottom darker pink are going in the mail today. Jess is getting these for Valentines Day. They are the Jan. sotm kit from

Both pairs of socks were knit in the same week.

My new shawl I am knitting. I have never played with Kanui before. I am knitting this as a KAL on Ravelry. It has a long way to go. But I am enjoying this knit.

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