Monday, August 4, 2008

A childhood wish

I did something today that I have dreamed about doing for over 35 years probably closer to 40 years. Wow that is a long time. I entered the local county fair. I remember going to the fair many years ago looking at the hand crafted goods and being impressed. Yeah, sometimes looking at a "Blue Ribbon winner" thinking I could do better. But, today I was not sure if what I brought was better.

I did the whole on-line stuff. I signed up weeks ago. I put in my work last week. I got a print out of what I had done on-line. I carefully guarded that sheet of paper. It was my entry. I got there today and there had been a computer glitch....I had done nothing as far as there computer knew. Oh I feel for those people that do all the entering. There was a LYS that you could drop off your work and they would bring it to the fair. I am so happy I brought it myself due to the glitch.

I have a number......That is what I am until judging.

I found out that I am a professional. By the standard of this fair I have been a pro.. oh probably since I was 8. I sold simple things I made to neighbors. That kinda took me by surprise but also I have taught knitting classes this year. I am ok with it.

Judging is Wed. I do not know other than going to the fair how results are released.

1 comment:

adrienne said...

you should have entered years ago!!

so, when are you going to the fair?!
mm-m-maybe tomorrow? can't wait
to see the results.