Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Kid Merino

Susan at Crystal Palace Yarns sent me some yarn to play with. I received some Kid Merino in rose musk colorway. I decided to knit this from their web site. The scarf took one skein to complete. It was fun. I wish I took better pictures but hey guess I should be lucky I got a picture. (my photo)

Then I have this (not my photos)

Ahhh socks I knitted. But, these are photographed by a more skilled person. I need one of these photo foot models and lighting and....... Like that would help. Dang, I want it all.Kinda fun to see what my work looks like when a pro takes its picture. Maybe I should send the scarf off for it pictures. I never thought my socks could look so good. I promise they do not look this good on my feet. The first and last one are in the new Panda Superwash yarn. Yeah no more shrinking socks.

The Carefree or not KAL is wrapping up. Congrats to all the winners. We used over 50,000 yards of yarn in a variety of projects. I think a good time was had by all.

I have been working on Christmas gifts. I have 1/2 of one left to make then comes the bonus gifts. The gifts that go to loved ones that love receiving "hand made items".


Tangled said...

Those are some socks or sock as the case may be.

Tangled said...

Forgot to add that the scarf is lovely. Like the lightness of it and the color

Breien in Lansingerland said...

Beautiful Debi. Did you use one skein of Kid Merino? The sock models look wonderful

adrienne said...

you have my address. and the scarf will be arriving when?

Crystal Palace Yarns said...

The scarf looks great - and we love your Panda Soy and Panda Superwash sock models!
I have to confess that I bought those feet from eBay for modeling the socks. And the "lighting" is early afternoon in the lunch room area in our warehouse when the sun is "just right" and the surface under the socks is (1) a formica kitchen table top that looks like dark oak in photos and (2) a mottled shipping table top that looks good in photos as background.

I do have a good Nikon camera though!


drlaura said...

i would like to get a camera and a timer and watch Debi knit.
i think she probably takes a nap and the gnomes come in and knit for her.
or the zygo flower fairies. no human could knit that fast!
either that or she doesn't sleep.

crystal wands? mickey mouse spells?