Saturday, December 6, 2008

Slippers or Ski Boots?

I got a chance to try a pattern from Fiber Trends. Natural Comfort Felt Slippers. The pattern is close to all the other fiber trends slippers. Doubled soled, felted, cuff. But this one is knitted flat for a while then joined into the round. I knitted the size 8. I used some Lion Brand wool I had had in my stash for a while.

Here they are pre-felted. I wish I had something to see just how large they were. But, when we measured the soles they measured out to 22". Yep almost 2 feet long.

Below is the slippers after felting. Together they weigh about a pound. The height in the back is 6 1/2". It is too high for my liking. Ken calls them snow boots. They will be very warm. They do no have the ease of putting on and off as the clogs.

Over all I am happy to have used up more stash yarn. I think they will be very warm, very cushy sole. If I were to make them again I would not make them so high.


rita said...

I love them! My ankles are cold all the time at home, even when the rest of me is warm. I'm going to make a pair! I love clogs just for the ease of pulling on and off, and they're easier on my handknit socks, but for around the house, I'll take these over-the-ankle warmers!

Tangled said...

I agree with rita.
the higher sides are wonderful