Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tokena Sock

I present my Tokena Socks.

Not the prettiest picture but, taken at 3:30 am what can one expect. I finish these yesterday/this morning whatever one calls that time of day when you have not been to bed. The socks have to have a photo on an adult pair of feet for an entry that is the reason for the pose.

First time doing Fair Isle. Not sure I want to try again in the near future.

First time with this type of heel. I will do that again. Pattern is the same on the bottom of the foot.
I am so amazed at all I have learned so far in just knitting 2 rounds of Sock Madness. I am almost scared for Round 3 to begin. Lets see 199 knitter started. Round 2 started with 116. Round 3 will be 80 knitters. I am one of the 80.

Oh and thanks to Adrienne I fixed the link for any comments.

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adrienne said...

go, debi! go, debi!

yeah! you owe me big time.