Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

My local yarn shop had a Mother's Day Sale. I decided to go and look for "A" yarn for round 5 that starts Tuesday. Well this is what came home with me. The top 3 on the left are baby yarns. The white is to finish a baby blanket I started last year. The pink and blue have a pattern and duck buttons tucked inside. The pattern is for a baby pull-over or a baby sweater. I am not sure which I want to make but loved the sample. I wanted something for in between rounds.

Chad told me I had to stay home for a delivery. Never thought it would show up at 6:30 pm by umm someone that if he did not have flowers would have been scary at my door. The flowers are from Chad and Brooke. Thank you you two,they are very pretty.
Then to finish off the day. Ken and I have worked hard in the back yard making it all pretty. We planted a bunch of annuals around today. This is what it looked like today. This is also the view we have out our "picture window". Hummingbird feeder included. We love it. Ken wants more flowers. The tulips I planted last fall as a surprise for him. He has watch them every step once he found them. After our long winter these were wonderful to see. Most of the plants, neighbors wanted to trash and we found a new home for them. That explains why some of the plants do not look the best right now. We are trying to make them all pretty again.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day and/or just a wonderful Sunday.

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adrienne said...

that floral arrangement is gorgeous! and with a garden theme too!

love your yard. i can see why ken enjoys all the flowers.