Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Round 5

Round 5 of Sock Madness.....I was working on the cuff when a pattern ruling came out about the foot. I did the foot as per pattern released. I had finished the heels before 1pm PDT. The ruling came out at about 6PM PDT. I knitted the socks as per pattern.

The pattern Dimpled Diamonds came out yesterday. We have to do the pattern as written for the competition. This was a heel I have never done before. I will say there are fewer holes than some socks. Yarn overs in heels seemed strange but seems to have worked.

Even though I casted off loose the tops are still a bit snug. The toe box is very roomy.

Now to pack and get ready for the Yarn Crawl .

We are staying in Seattle so are making this a 3 day mini fiber vacation.

Sock Madness Round 5
Knitters going in: 32
Knitters coming out: 16
This knitter: so excited for the yarn crawl.


adrienne said...

i am so upset for you. i don't feel that the mods treated you fairly.

ros said...

I'm sorry you didn't get through, too, since you were clearly one of the quickest knitters. The row gauge is on the pattern too, though, and it seems to me that if you reached the required length with fewer diamonds (I counted 6 on the picture?), your gauge must have been out by quite a lot.