Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Socks????

Yes, I knitted 2 more pairs. Yeah, I know someone that knitting pairs is odd. She knits a lot of single socks. But, I did and almost always knit pairs. Good news is both pairs are knitted from stash yarn. Yarns that had been waiting for about a year. No still no real dent in the stash. Matter of fact one could not tell any were gone. But...... here they are.
These are Chemo Socks. I know most people knit Chemo Hats. Well my neighbor has scarves and I knit socks. So, she received Chemo Socks. I thought having comfy feet was important also. I knitted the pattern Round Robin House from Adrienne Fong. But, as usual I did it my way. I knitted them toe up so my neighbor could see the Bird houses from her view when wearing them. I used a machine washable and dryable yarn so the care of these would be easy. They still are made from a superwash wool yarn. The socks are very cozy if I can say so myself.

I am hoping the socks get worn out and I am able to knit her another pair to replace these.

Then my socks. This yarn was purchased to be a shawl for me. I just had not decided what pattern to use but, a shawl was the intended purchase. When getting yarns ready for Sock Madness (what happen Huskies????) I decided to included a skein of this yarn. Then I happen to find a pattern that I fell in love with. I went looking for some yarn. I first looked at the yarns all balled and ready. I saw this and though was perfect for the pattern. So...... my shawl will wait. I do still have 2 more skeins so a shawl may still be in the waiting for the yarn.Pattern is Osnabruecker Muster. Casting on 127 stitches was interesting. I had not done a cuff like this. I do like how it looks. They Heel and Toes are both EOP.
A view of the oh so nice cast on and also of the pattern. This is closer to the yarn color.
This while a bit washed out does show the pattern better. We only get so many sunny days here and I finished this after 5pm. So wanted to quickly take some pictures before I lost the light.

Sock Madness is still about a week away before round 2. Waiting for a few more to finish this round. So I guess I will have to figure out what to cast on until then.

After April 1 I can post the test socks that I knitted as the pattern will be public then.

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adrienne said...

single socks? who makes single socks? =D yeah, "ms i do it my way!"