Sunday, October 12, 2008

Puppies ready for adoption and other fo's.

Every once in a while one needs to post what has been going on. I have been trying for the month of Oct only knitting from my stash of yarn. Trust me I could probably try this for a year and still have some. But in truth I have been using my stash mainly since Aug. I did purchase the yarn for the puppies but did so in Sept. I think that was my last purchase other than the sock of the month club. One would think a dent would occur but not.

Calorimetry Never had made one but going through my stash found the yarn and thought why not. When I make it again I will cast on 8 fewer stitches as it is a bit big. Took another 100 yards of yarn out of my stash. One would think after all this there would be a dent. But, no not yet.
Husband's socks. Every once in a while if I make my husband a pair of socks, my stash does not get questioned. House socks or boot socks. These took 200 yards. Briggs and Little Tuffy yarn. I have heard this yarn wears like steel. Yarn is kinda hard on the hands. But, a quick knit after frogging them twice to get a gauge then size I wanted.
Big Sister to the puppies below. I was asked to make these for a young gal. Her feet grew really fast at a very young age and she missed the cute slippers. These are a size 13 womens. Dang big. I so hope she likes them.
More Puppies ready for adoption. I had a lot of fun making these. Faces are needle felted. One pair is going to the same family as the big sister above. The other pair to a good friend. I took about 4 patterns and blended them into one. The Big sister took a lot of math. All together this puppy family took 850 yards. Being that I did not know how they would turn out I am happy with them. I hope their new adopted family love them. They are all planned on being gifts. Hope they are box trained and stay quiet until ready. Tried to teach them manners.

Then I happen to create: A "Booby Pillow"

This will be a gag gift later on. I am waiting for Ken to take better pictures of it and then I will write up the pattern to be posted.

Oh darn now I need to start a new project. Going stash diving.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Adrienne over at the bellybutton of cali is having a contest.

Go sign up and tell her I sent you.

Don't forget about the Carefree Kal. Still time to play.