Sunday, February 15, 2009

Shawl Blocking

I am going to try to help show how to block a shawl. If any one thinks I should add something or that I have forgotten something let me know. Also if this helps you let me know.

Here is my shawl getting its bath. I use a wool wash but you can use Hair Conditioner also. I run hot water. Add the wash so it is all mixed in with the water. I then add my shawl. I do not more it around too much as I do not want any chances of felting it I hold the shawl under water to make sure it is completely wet. This will stay soaking least until the water is completely cool longer does not hurt. I go set up the mats for blocking.

After the bath, I pull the drain to let the water go out. If you used conditioner you may need to rinse in cool water at this point. I then gently squeeze out some of the water. I then place the shawl in a large towel and roll out the extra moisture. Sometimes it takes 2 towels, some people use a salad spinner at this point (I don't have one).

I use Stainless Steel Welding Rods to block with. They are 1/16". I purchased them by the pound at a welding shop. I wiped them down to make sure they are clean. I weave the rods in the areas I want straight. I am hoping these next 2 pictures show how I use the rods. I over lap the rods if I needed. I then pin against the rods to give the shawls a straight line. I start at the center and work my way to the edges. I do gently pull the shawl to stretch it out moving it along the rods as needed. The first time is for general shaping.

I then slowly work my way along the shawl pinning by rows back and forth. I keep going this way until it is all pinned out. I sometimes need to go back and re pin some parts as they become loose.

Clicking on the pictures you can see the pin placements.

Another picture to show rod weaving.

A picture to show using the rods to block points in a shawl.

Thanks Debbie H. for my mats that make this process easier.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

4 day Shawl

Here she is my shawl. Yes it only took 4 days to knit. Was a great stress buster this week. I took this picture on my bathroom floor to give size. The tiles are 13"x13". I will post in more detail later as I took blocking pictures. But, just had to show this baby off today.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Time Flys

Wow where did Jan. go? I am happy as the weather is getting warmer. We are seeing Robins around here. I am not sure if they are confused on where they should be or if they had budget cuts and lost their winter homes so had to come back early.

I have been knitting. I did not take pictures of most of what I knitted in Jan. The month went by way to fast. Not sure why but my blog is not doing what I would like it to do. I am sorry things do not match up.

This pair of socks went really fast. They were knitted on size 2. They seemed to fly off the needles. They are the Dec sotm kit from

The top light pink pair I was lucky to test knit.

The pattern is Bejeweled Diamonds designer Knittinpixie.

A fun pattern. I love the way the beads add a touch of class to these.

Both beads and yarn have been in stash for awhile. Close ups of the beaded. The beads are a Lavender but look pink even in person so all is good.

The bottom darker pink are going in the mail today. Jess is getting these for Valentines Day. They are the Jan. sotm kit from

Both pairs of socks were knit in the same week.

My new shawl I am knitting. I have never played with Kanui before. I am knitting this as a KAL on Ravelry. It has a long way to go. But I am enjoying this knit.