Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Socks????

Yes, I knitted 2 more pairs. Yeah, I know someone that knitting pairs is odd. She knits a lot of single socks. But, I did and almost always knit pairs. Good news is both pairs are knitted from stash yarn. Yarns that had been waiting for about a year. No still no real dent in the stash. Matter of fact one could not tell any were gone. But...... here they are.
These are Chemo Socks. I know most people knit Chemo Hats. Well my neighbor has scarves and I knit socks. So, she received Chemo Socks. I thought having comfy feet was important also. I knitted the pattern Round Robin House from Adrienne Fong. But, as usual I did it my way. I knitted them toe up so my neighbor could see the Bird houses from her view when wearing them. I used a machine washable and dryable yarn so the care of these would be easy. They still are made from a superwash wool yarn. The socks are very cozy if I can say so myself.

I am hoping the socks get worn out and I am able to knit her another pair to replace these.

Then my socks. This yarn was purchased to be a shawl for me. I just had not decided what pattern to use but, a shawl was the intended purchase. When getting yarns ready for Sock Madness (what happen Huskies????) I decided to included a skein of this yarn. Then I happen to find a pattern that I fell in love with. I went looking for some yarn. I first looked at the yarns all balled and ready. I saw this and though was perfect for the pattern. So...... my shawl will wait. I do still have 2 more skeins so a shawl may still be in the waiting for the yarn.Pattern is Osnabruecker Muster. Casting on 127 stitches was interesting. I had not done a cuff like this. I do like how it looks. They Heel and Toes are both EOP.
A view of the oh so nice cast on and also of the pattern. This is closer to the yarn color.
This while a bit washed out does show the pattern better. We only get so many sunny days here and I finished this after 5pm. So wanted to quickly take some pictures before I lost the light.

Sock Madness is still about a week away before round 2. Waiting for a few more to finish this round. So I guess I will have to figure out what to cast on until then.

After April 1 I can post the test socks that I knitted as the pattern will be public then.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Sock Madness

Yeah I know most people only know of March Madness in basketball. Yep, we know that at our house Go Huskies.

But, a while back Adrienne Fong told me I had to join Sock Madness. Not even knowing anything about it I did. When Adrienne tells ya to do something just go do it.

I joined and waited. I read the postings about it. Oh my. 200 knitters start in 4 divisions. First round 40 in each division move on to the next pattern. The excitement was building. How much fun this would be was unfolding. I spent the time before the start cleaning up the house, grocery shopping (wonderful items to have, grapes, baby carrots, quick easy foods that are not messy), I ball up the yarn and plotted my knitting time. I planned meals for the days I would be spending knitting the socks. I tried to clear my days and nights to be ready.

March 19th was the tip off date. Pattern to be emailed between 6 - 9am EDT. Well here that is 3 - 6am. Ya, got to be kidding?

I did wake up at 3:30 am but thought no not gonna do it, pattern may not be out, then 4:30, still pattern might not be there. Well when I woke up at 5:30 I thought I may as well get up. Going to the computer the pattern was there. Wow 10 pages. Downloaded them the hit print, decided to make coffee while printing.

Now I have coffee and the pattern I am ready to go. What a cast on I have never done? Back to the computer to learn that as one must follow the pattern exactly. After 2 different videos of it I think I got it. Gotta thank Youtube here for that save.

So cast on has began but oh, crap coffee is cold. Get up to get a warm up and off to the madness again. Sock was getting longer then an afterthought heel???? What the heck??? Pattern was wonderful and walked on through it with no problem.

Then off to the toes. Oh no it looks like I might run out of yarn. This worried me for a while. I did finish the sock with 5 yards to spare. Golly Gee Whiz. Still not sure why the pattern had you do that 4th row at the toe.

Twas a long day. I knitted most of it. Well I did check the computer to see if any changes were made to the pattern a few times. Checked to see if any one had any tips.

16 hours later I worked the final end in. Now this sock had a cast on I had never done and an afterthought heel. Afterthought heels not sure why one wants more ends to work in.

Ken took a picture of my new socks on my feet.
This picture was taken late at night so the pattern does not show well. I was hoping for some sun (oh that's right we do not get much of that here). I know in sunlight they will look like they have a pattern. Below is a quick daylight picture of them.

What a fun pattern. Very well written. Bring on Round 2 hopefully for the UW Huskies also.

Oh and now I get to be the bartender and pour the virtual Bailey's for the rest of the group.
Go Division One/For Whom the Ball Rolls and any other divisions.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More UFO's become complete projects

I am still trying to finish up old projects. In truth I do not want to start new ones before Sock Madness that starts tomorrow.

I had this on the needles for a long time. When I picked it up this week it looked like a dishcloth. But I created the design as I went along. Kinda enjoy making there Market Bags.

I am not sure when I started this green one also. I again did not follow any pattern just winged it. I do like the handles on this. Handles are recycled from a garage sale purse. Might need to recycle a few more of them. (thanks Margo for the garage sale purse).

This has been a work in progress for years. The yarn is no longer sold in this area. I finally purchased enough to finish it on-line. Over the years I have made many of these for babies. This one is going to my daughter Jess to give to her new charity "Project Linus".

Monday, March 16, 2009

Clearing up the Needles and stuff

Miss Cook's quilt that I finished up for her. I know not a knitting projects but come on how cute is this? These are the hand prints of last years class. Miss Cook is my sister.

OH the animal farm. Seems this are wanted by many so decided to knit up a litter (?) of them. The ones with the blue cuffs are the only ones completed. Love needle felting, I just wish I could do the faces I really want. But, oh well I love them.
Blue socks from the sock of the month club. This kit came when I was test knitting for Knit one Purl too. The yarn in this kit and the test knit were the same so these got put away. Glad to finally have them done. I am trying to keep up with the kits this year and to get all the old kits done. We shall see on this.
I really do not care to ever knit with this yarn again. It almost felt like it had been starched. Was very stiff. Another sock of the month kit. Both pair of socks are from Wooliedi.

Sock Madness starts this Thursday so I am trying to clear things off the needles. I have been lining bags, knitting and crocheting market bags, and just plain getting ready. I have not wanted to start a new pair of socks until I start on Thurs. Wish me luck.