Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nebula Socks

I first want to say that Sock Madness Round 4 starts Thurs between 4 - 7 pm PDT. The yarn I have chosen was the second time I purchased sock yarn. This was on ebay. This was before I knew I could go and buy sock yarn at any Local Yarn Stores (LYS). Hey it was years ago. I really did not know too much about LYS. I don't think I could tell you where one was. I also only bought self striping yarns for a long time. Now I want solids.

When the yarn arrived I thought it was the ugliest yarn I had ever seen. Well, I ordered enough for 2 pairs of socks the other yarn was also right up there on the ugly scale. I never did get rid of either yarns. I always hoped that I would find a pattern they looked great in as I do believe every yarn has a pattern. If I never found a pattern at least I would find someone that liked the yarn and I would knit them a pair of socks from it.

For sock madness I need two different colors. Here is what I am going to use. The colorful one is my "ugly yarn" the green I happen to have also. But, the two I think (I know what thinking gets one) so I hope will make a very nice pair of socks.

So here is one of the most mature skeins of yarn I own on the left. What do you think? Mixed together?
I finally can post about a pair of socks I got the pleasure of knitting. I was so thrilled when Cookie A asked for test knitters. I signed up. I got the email I could knit it (addressed to someone else but they corrected that and how I got it is way beyond me).

The pattern was suggested a solid color.

Well thank goodness for the New Years Day sale I happen to find. See Ken I do have fun when you are playing in the band on New Years Eve. There was a sale started at midnight o' one EST. Well that was 9pm here. So I ordered some yarn I had never even seen, then made it to the gig.

We got word today that we could post about the socks. I know I do not take great pictures. But, here is a new sock from Cookie A.

Nebula Socks:
I kept the twisting of the pattern down through the toes. I liked it that way.

I knitted these earlier this month. It is kinda of hard to do a test/sample knit then not be able to talk/post about it. I also did another project this month that I can not talk/post about for a year that is gonna be a long time. Then may as well admit I have another item on needles that I can not again post/chat about until maybe fall. But, I do love doing it so I can not complain. Just looks like I am not doing anything.

Wish me luck with Sock Madness 4..... There are 48 sock knitters entering only 32 will come out.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Round 3

Talias Wings.

Pattern was to be released between 9 am and 1 pm PST. Oh boy. That gave me time to do some house work, get dinner fixings going, and wait. I did a bunch of house work waiting. Then at 10 am the pattern was released. I printed it. Off I went.

I had my yarn and needles ready. Well a few choices just in case as we have no idea what the pattern will be.

A toe-up. Those don't scare me anymore. Last year would have given it some thought. But, in the last year I have done many toe-ups and many different heels. Your welcome for the socks Ken.

I casted on. I was knitting away. Wondering as I was going why my yarn seemed to tangle so much. I have never had this problem. I finished the toes and thought I better look closer. I had casted on 2 socks on one needle using the same ball of yarn. I was using the inside and outside. I cut the outside yarn and picked up the other ball that was behaving.

I am so happy to have a husband that understands (or is this my payback for years of being a band wife?). Thanks Ken for your help, I baked you cookies. Adrienne Thanks also I will work on your socks next. For the many that cheered me on Thanks also, it meant so much to have you all rooting for me.

I am done with them. I finish last night. This was an interesting knit. Fun pattern.

And now may I present my Sock Madness Round 3 socks......

Talias Wings by Yarnyenta
Smooshy - Cool Fire is the yarn
Tired is the knitter.

Round 1 started with 199 knitters
Round 2 started with 121
Round 3 started with 80
Round 4 will start with 48

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tokena Sock

I present my Tokena Socks.

Not the prettiest picture but, taken at 3:30 am what can one expect. I finish these yesterday/this morning whatever one calls that time of day when you have not been to bed. The socks have to have a photo on an adult pair of feet for an entry that is the reason for the pose.

First time doing Fair Isle. Not sure I want to try again in the near future.

First time with this type of heel. I will do that again. Pattern is the same on the bottom of the foot.
I am so amazed at all I have learned so far in just knitting 2 rounds of Sock Madness. I am almost scared for Round 3 to begin. Lets see 199 knitter started. Round 2 started with 116. Round 3 will be 80 knitters. I am one of the 80.

Oh and thanks to Adrienne I fixed the link for any comments.

Happy Dance

I will post pictures later but after knitting on the socks for ummm almost a day straight I just want to say I finished them. Yeah...... Thanks Ken for Untangling my balls when they got twisted yarn balls that is.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Round 2....

Round 2 of Sock Madness 3 starts early tomorrow. I have my yarn and needles close to ready. I do want to see the pattern before I totally decide. But, I do know how I plan to spend tomorrow. Knitting away.

I have finished a pair of socks from yarn that has been sitting in my stash for a while. I received this yarn in place of a skein of mine that was defective. I have wanted to knit Lacy Scallops Socks since the first time I saw the pattern. But, just never got around to it. Finally it was time. I love how this yarn worked up into the pattern. The yarn is Trekking XXL.