Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hey Adrienne your Frogs are calling.

Finally got some items finished to post. And yes I am not sure the names but I did finish Adrienne's friends. But, in keeping with how Adrienne puts thing off a few other things first.

This is the second Calorimetry I have done. The yarn from this came from a raffle. Took just under 100 yards. I only casted on 80 stitches and knitted until I was half way through the skein then started the decreases. It fits much better than the first on I made.
The second cowl I have test knitted. Same Manos Silk Blend yarn. Forest Canopy Cowl. I went with smaller needles to see if I could cut down on yardage. Used about 150 yards. Love this pattern.

This is my first try at a hat/scarf/mitt combo. I found the idea then went off on my own pattern. Knitted from Malabrigo worsted. So soft I am so in love with this yarn. Below are the mitts. Notice the pearl buttons at the ends. The button will attach the mitts almost anywhere on the hat/scarf so that when not in use like inside they will not get lost. Bottom picture is the mitts attached at the bottom of the scarf. These took 660 yards. But oh the fun of doing this.

And now I am not sure what names Adrienne has been giving the frogs at the pond. I am thinking I will find out soon. But here is my creation of "Adrienne's best friends" I am going with 240 yards. Oh and the tongues are Panda Soy loved how that worked up.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Play with Patterns

I was playing with different 4 stitch patterns and when I liked what I had I repeated it for a sock. Was a fun knit. I love how they turned out. Notice how well they match.
I have started a new family member to my critter slippers. Adrienne needed something to taunt her when at the frog pond.


Here is Sweetie Pie Socks. I test knitted these for Kala Hotakainen for the Sockathon Yahoo group.

I did make a few changes to the pattern. I knitted the heel to fit the person I was knitting these for. I made the heel flap longer so I had to pick up more stitches on the gusset. I also instead of just knitting the 5 stitches on each side of the foot I keep the pattern going down the foot.

If I was to knit these again I would make a few more changes. I would either knit on the cuff as I went or leave a longer cast on thread to sew up the picot cuff.

I would change the pattern so the heel was half of the total stitches. I would also Divide the P2 into a P1 pattern P1. This way when one got to the foot the pattern would flow down to the toe.

I did these 2 at once on the Magic Loop.

I sent them off as a surprise before getting really good pictures of my changes.