Friday, August 21, 2009

Never had heard.

Just a quick update on the auction. I have been asked how it did. But, I have not heard anything about the shawl since it left here 3 weeks ago.

Kind of makes me leary to donate again. Time will tell.

But, sorry I do not know anything about it or the silk/wool scarf that went along with it.

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Aleen said...

I made a pair of socks and a lace triangle scarf/shawl for an auction last winter. The socks were self striping superwash yarn knit an attractive but not terribly difficult pattern. The shawl was out of hand dyed yarn, more expensive thatn the socks and knit in a more difficult pattern. But the shawl sold for not that much and the bidding was rabid on the socks. You never know with an auction.